Biotech Middle East 2017

Exhibition and Conference

4 - 6 December 2017
Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre

The event

Biotech Middle East is held on an annual basis in the main trading and business hub in the Middle East and the surrounding region; the city of Dubai.

Strengths of Dubai City

  • Density of academic skateholders and professionals,
  • Recognition of Dubai for the quality of infrastructure, collaborative and technology transfer for the region,
  • Geographical area: Business and trading crossorad for the region and globally. 

Organised By:

SETCOR Conferences & Events

The Science, Engineering, Technology Conferences Organiser ("SETCOR") organises multidisciplinary conferences and Exhibitions for academics and professionals in the fields of science, engineering, medicine, energy and environment.

In Partnership With:

MEMBS - Middle East Molecular Biology Sources

MEMBS is the Middle East’s largest inclusive community of biomedical engineers.

Founded in Dubai, on Nov 19, 2012, MEMBS membership comprises a wide range of practicing professionals and students that make up the more than 4,000 members Middle East wide.

MEMBS is a leading scientific voice for Molecular Biology, the fundamental element of all life sciences. We are dedicated to advance the scientific discovery, advocate cutting-edge researches, and promote professional development.

To serve the needs and interests of our members, MEMBS aims to facilitate the promotion of new discoveries in biological sciences for the benefit of Middle East region. This cannot be accomplished without implementing effective modern means of communication and engagement among which is our Molecular Biology News site, Education Department site, Social Network site, and the Annual Congress Site.

Through these multiple platforms, MEMBS provides its members with full access to share practices, information, ideas and opinions that are shaping one of the fastest growing fields in science.