Biotech Middle East 2017

Exhibition and Conference

4 - 6 December 2017
Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre

Biotech Middle East 2017 Conference Deadlines

Blow are the Biotech Middle East 2017 conference deadlines. Click on the symbol "+" on the deadline to expand and read the details. Please save these dates by adding them to your agenda.

Abstracts Submission Deadline 27 Oct, 2017

Participants willing to do oral presentation or poster are requested to submit their abstracts for Biotech Middle East 2017 conference by this deadline. The abstract should be done as per the abstract template available under the conference documents templates page. Please make sure the abstract is done as per the template to avoid delays for the abstract review.

Early Bird Registration fees rate deadline 21 Sep, 2017

This is Biotech Middle East 2017 Early Bird Registration fee deadline. You need to pay the registration fees (whatever online by credit card or by bank transfer) by this deadline to avail for this reduced rate. For payment by bank transfer, we should receive the fees by or before this date. If the fees are received after this date, the participant will be requested to pay the standard registration fees and so pay the remaining different amount. Please review the registration fees details under this page.

Conference Registration deadline 10 Nov, 2017

The Biotech Middle East 2017 Conference Registration deadline.

Conference Proceedings Papers Deadline 21 Dec, 2017

The Biotech Middle East 2017 Conference Proceedings Papers Deadline.

Conference Journals Papers Submission Deadline 21 Dec, 2017

The Biotech Middle East 2017 Conference Journals Papers Submission Deadline.